Well, I think everyone around here knows of all the road construction going on between Texarkana and Hope especially near Red River in Fulton. Residents in that area may have been woken up early this morning by a loud bang and explosion from an old I-30 Bridge that was destroyed to make room for the new bridge that is now constructed around the I-30 Corridor.

This bridge is all part of the road construction and resurfacing efforts being done in the southwest part of the state. As most of you know who travel this route near Fulton, know that traffic flow has been restricted to one lane since early last year.  Concrete barriers separate traffic going in opposite directions.

Video Attached Credit : Osiris Tutankhamon, Construction Field Engineer

Weather permitting the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is hoping to have this project completed soon. So when traveling this area drivers should use extreme caution, obey traffic signs, slow down and watch for road crews. Vilolaters will be subject to hefty fines otherwise if caught.


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