This past Father's Day weekend was a mighty special one for myself and my new dad. You see it was our first one together in 58 years. Actually, it was our first one together...ever. 

What do you get for the new dad in your life? Well, when you think about it, most new dads get greeting cards and maybe a cigar, handshake, slap on the back, punch in the arm, "you old dog you", that sort of thing.

Being the comedian or "class clown" that I am, I had to do something funny. So, my partner in crime (wife) and I set out to find the perfect first Father's Day card to give a dad 58 years after birth. I think we accomplished the goal with this one.

Due to Copywrite laws, I can't show you the front of the card without proper permission so I'll just tell you it was a picture of a baby with a paper mustache. The inside was blank where we could make the card anyway we wanted it.

And we did, here you go!

Fathers Day card 2021 - It's a Boy - Jim Weaver
Fathers Day card 2021 - It's a Boy - Jim Weaver

I think we nailed it.

If you don't know the whole DNA saga of why J Gary is my NEW dad, feel free to get caught up here.

Overall it was a terrific weekend, we got to see my mom, my birth-mom, my daughter and her husband, sister Danna and her family and of course my NEW dad... J Gary.

By the way, it was Danna and Hal's 28 anniversary Sunday as well so Happy Anniversary again you two!

I hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend for those of us who are blessed enough to still have dad on this side of Heaven. The two dads I grew up with have both been gone for many years now, I think about them all the time and miss them very much. I hope they're both smiling down on what's happening in my life now. In fact, I'm sure they are.

Love my dads, all three of them now.

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