Timing is just not on the side of the NFL, is it?

The pendulum that is Ezekiel Elliott's court ruling regarding allegations of sexual assault stemming from an incident in 2016, continues to swing this way and that. One day Zeke is suspended, the next day he is in uniform. Needless to say, the Cowboys running back has yet to miss a game this season.

Elliott played in Sunday's 40-10 win over San Francisco.

Despite news of a 6-game suspension being implemented just two weeks prior (one of those weeks was a bye week for Dallas), a temporary restraining order was instated allowing Zeke to play. Now, it looks like he will live to see the field again, at least for this Sunday's match up against the Redskins. This comes after the league's efforts to expedite the preliminary injunction hearing.

According to NFL.com, the NFL tried to push up the hearing that would determine Ezekiel's eligibility. That request has been denied. This hearing is supposed to take place on October 30, which means the Cowboys will have their star running back on the field again this weekend.

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