New Month, new Thursday and yes, a new Cultured Country. It's the first week of February and to kick off this new month Sir John has chosen one of the best party tunes to come along in while, The Brothers Osborne 'All Night'. So, here wo go, the Wakeup Crew with Jim & Lisa and Sir John with this week's Cultured Country.

Just so you can follow along, below is the lyric:
I got the good, if you got the time
I got the moon, if you got the shine
I got the back, if you got the beat
Got that solid gold Country 33 on repeat 
All night
Get, get, get to livin', feelin' alright
Dancin' out the denim in 'em, oh my Levis
I got the fuse, if you got the light
I got the all, if y'all got the night
All night
All night (woo)
I got the rebel, if you got the yell (hey!)
I got the raisin', if you got the hell
I got the zig, if you got the zag
Got that good life, hell of a time in a bag
All night

"Cultured Country," listen for it Thursday mornings at 7:45 with Jim & Lisa, "The Wakeup Crew," on Kicker 102.5.

Here's the way it sounds when the Brothers Osborne do it...

How It Works:

The premise is simple, country music lovers like us are generally thought of as un-cultured, so to fight this ridiculous notion and bring what we consider a little more refinement to our show, we thought having someone from jolly old England read some country music lyrics, out loud, on the radio might raise the culture bar a notch or two. Since we don't have any access to the Royals and the only Brit we know in the immediate area just happens to be Lisa's husband John, that's the way we went.

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