Week three of January almost gone and we're now semi-settled into the new year, this is week two of Cultured Country.  Sir John, our resident BritNeck, has brought us another feel-good song with a ton of references to older country songs called 'What's Your Country Song' by Thomas Rhett. Check out the way he says Chattahoochie... The Culture is in, over, and on the Wakeup Crew with Jim & Lisa, here's this week's Cultured Country.

Just so you can follow along, below is the lyric:

Did you grow up on a tractor
Did your daddy let you drive
Are you whiskey bent and hell bound
Even though your mama tried
Did you cruise down a backroad
With your dixieland delight
Are you on the Chattahoochee
On a barefoot blue jean nightEverybody got a small town anthem
Everybody got a story to tell
Everybody got a hallelujah
Everybody been through a little hell
When you're rolling down a two lane highway
And you turn your radio on
Tell me which one hits you baby
Yeah what's your country song
Yeah what's your country song

"Cultured Country," listen for it Thursday mornings at 7:45 with Jim & Lisa, "The Wakeup Crew," on Kicker 102.5.

Here's the way it sounds when Thomas Rhett does it...

How It Works:

The premise is simple, country music lovers like us are generally thought of as un-cultured, so to fight this ridiculous notion and bring what we consider a little more refinement to our show, we thought having someone from jolly old England read some country music lyrics, out loud, on the radio might raise the culture bar a notch or two. Since we don't have any access to the Royals and the only Brit we know in the immediate area just happens to be Lisa's husband John, that's the way we went.

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