Now this is a boy's club that we might actually want to be a part of! Darius Rucker has released a hilarious video for his song "Straight to Hell," which features some pretty famous faces.

For his cover of Drivin' N Cryin's 1980s hit, "Straight to Hell," Rucker tapped in Luke BryanJason Aldean and Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley. The video opens with Kelley knocking on a speakeasy door in the 1930s. When asked for a password to get in, Kelley says "dolphins make me cry," a throwback to Rucker's time with Hootie & the Blowfish. Kelly then enters the crowded hidden bar, where he encounters a dapper-looking Rucker. Aldean soon makes his appearance with a beer in hand, and the last to appear is Bryan, who is seen cheating at a game of cards and subsequently racking in the cash. Things escalate when the local authorities show up to bust the illegal party, and the boys know they've been caught. Despite getting chased out of the bar in the end, it is clear that Rucker, Bryan, Aldean and Kelley enjoyed playing their characters. Press play above to see the whole video!

"Charles Kelley called me out of the blue and says, ‘Man, I was just listening to Drivin’ N Cryin’s “Straight to Hell” and I think you should cut it, and you should let me sing on it.' I took that as the universe telling me it was time to cut the song, and I cut it," Rucker tells Nash Country Daily, about getting the group together. He goes on to say that getting his buddies Aldean and Bryan on board was an easy sell, but it made the cover "something special."

In an interview backstage during the first night of the 2018 CMA Fest, Aldean told The Boot and other media outlets that no acting was required to convey the camaraderie between the four artists. "I don't think I've ever had more fun cutting a video," he says. "When you can do collaborations like that, with people who not only are you a fan of their music, but you like them as people and you like hanging out with them, it's fun. It's a good time, which makes it easier."

"Straight to Hell" is from Rucker's When Was the Last Time which also features his popular songs “For the First Time” and “If I Told You.” The record is available for purchase now.

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