Talk about a steal of a deal!! A woman in New Zealand bid on a car in an online auction from a dealership and auction price was one dollar! That's right, I said, number 1!

Yes, it was an accident!

$1 figure was entered into the wrong field, allowing any buyer with a single dollar the opportunity to instantly purchase the car. Before the dealership could realize its mistake, that's exactly what happened — a buyer identified only as "bignz" wound up getting the deal of his or her life: a 1994 BMW 320i.

But it gets better! Most people would think that the dealership would say, "Oops! Big mistake! It's really $2,400. Sorry for the inconvenience!"

But no, this dealership, Stadium Cars in Christchurch is standing by their sale! The manager Mike Nokes, "we are firm believers in the auction process and for it to be fair to buyers and sellers alike." He also said they will definitely be more careful in the future hoping it's the only car they sell for one dollar!

How awesome is that! It really took me by surprise that they would do that. Thank you Mr. Nokes for putting the faith of a man's (or dealership's) word, back into our vocabulary!


via Sale of the Century: Dealership accidentally sells BMW for $1 | Technology News Blog - Yahoo! News.