The cookie watch continues from our lofty perch on Arkansas Blvd with the help of numerous phone apps and websites and of course, deep undercover operations and of course Emily Eudy, we have once again brought you more locations to find Girl Scout Cookies this weekend!

Take all those places we told you about last week, then here's an expanded list:

Saturday, March 11:

Wal-Mart - 800 James Bowie Drive
New Boston, TX 75570
12PM - 5PM

Delaughters - 406 Houston Drive
Maud, TX 75567
10AM - 3PM

Amigo Juan - 1300 North Hervey Street
Hope, AR 71801
10AM - 1PM

Hope Auto (GM) - 1700 North Hervey Street
Hope, AR 71801
10AM - 1PM


For further information and up-to-date locations, visit our website at

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Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts in Texarkana.





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