• 7th Annual Bark at The Park
  • Free Dog & Cat Rabies Shots
  • Spring Lake Park in Texarkana

Get ready for the 7th Annual Bark At The Park event in Texarkana with free rabies shots for your pets.


If you have a dog or a cat you know how important it is to keep them safe and healthy but it can also get pretty expensive too. That's why you don't want to miss this event on  Saturday, November 4, from 9 AM to 12 PM at Kylee Sullivan Dog Park located at the Pavilion at Spring Lake Park.


Free Rabies Shot For Dogs & Cats

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This event is open to dogs and cats and will not only receive free rabies vaccinations but also city registrations. There will be other vaccinations available for a small fee.

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Director of Development Services Mashell Daniel said in a press release,

It’s important to us that we continue providing these resources to Texarkana and its surrounding area each year. Our goal is to educate our community and improve the lives of family pets in need.


Veterinarians and Animal Control  Will Be There to Answer Questions


Veterinarian with dog

You don't want your pet to get rabies, it is a fatal disease to animals and to humans. The best way to avoid it is to be proactive and that is with rabies vaccinations. There will be veterinarians and animal control staff available at the event for any questions or you might have to keep your pets healthy.

Please Remember: All dogs must be on leashes and all cats must be in carriers. 


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For more information call (903) 798-3535 or go to the Facebook events page.

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