Just when you thought it was safe to go out in your flip-flops cold weather makes a return to our area. We have a Freeze Warning tonight in our area.

The good news is tonight will be the coldest as the National Weather Service is predicting temperatures will plunge into the mid 30's. The bad news is your plants that are all flowering and feeling happy need some protection tonight and so will your outdoor pets.

Be sure to cover some of the delicate plants with a sheet, leaves, or even hay. Especially a lot of your vegetable plants. According to who I call a Texas Plant Guru  Neil Sperry's Facebook page, some of the plants that will need some help include tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers and melons.

As far as flowers, be sure to cover any annuals you may have planted in the last few weeks.

Be sure to bring your pets inside or in your garage if possible.  If not then at least give them a spot outside that is protected against the wind and a blanket or lose hay so they can curl up and try to stay warm. Luckily this is a short blast of cold air with temperatures slowly rising back up at night to the 40's on Wednesday and 50's for an overnight low on Thursday.

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