On Monday, March 4, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, held a press conference the Arkansas Highway Department, along with Public Safety Secretary Colonel Mike Hagar, Arkansas Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) Director A.J. Gary, and other state agency leaders. The purpose was to address the upcoming Arkansas Solar Eclipse 2024 set to take place on Monday, April 8, 2024. 

That eclipse date is quickly approaching at just over a month away, and Arkansas will be a sought-after destination for visitors from all over the nation and the globe who are excited to observe this rare phenomenon. This anticipated surge in state visitors presents new challenges and opportunities for the great State of Arkansas.

According to the press conference, the Department of Public Safety has crafted extensive strategies to tackle the various impacts of this event. Arkansas State Police plan to strategically deploy troopers statewide to ensure public safety during the eclipse.


Collaborating closely with other law enforcement agencies, ASP will manage potential safety concerns, control hazards, monitor traffic flow, and enforce road safety regulations. ASP advises travelers to plan ahead and remain patient due to expected congestion on major interstates. In case of non-emergency travel issues, travelers can dial *ASP (*277) to connect with the nearest ASP troop headquarters.

ADEM has meticulously assessed all potential scenarios that could affect the people of Arkansas during the eclipse event, including traffic disruptions, cellular service interruptions, medical emergencies, severe weather incidents, and fuel shortages.

If you wish to watch the entire press conference, click on the YouTube broadcast below.

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