Green Texarkana is this Saturday, April 9, in Texarkana.

Green Texarkana, the monthly recycling event hosted by the City of Texarkana, Ark., will be Saturday. Last month’s event was the most successful in years, collecting more than 8 tons of waste for recycling.

This program is free and provides responsible disposal for paper, cardboard, plastics and metal cans. Electronics such as TVs, computers, radios, printers and gaming systems are also accepted for recycling.

The City asks that metal cans and plastic film like shopping bags be bagged up separately for proper processing.

Green Texarkana cannot accept glass, Styrofoam, tires, furniture or hazardous materials including CFLs (fluorescent lights). Green Texarkana takes place from 8AM and 1PM Saturday at East Third and Hazel streets.

Residents must wait to bring their items until volunteers arrive at 8AM Saturday. Bringing items prior to this time and leaving them in the parking lot is considered littering.

For more information call 870-779-4946.


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