One of the most unique pets in our area may have been saved thanks to you.

If you live in Texarkana, there is a good chance that you have heard about Chico. A member of the world's largest rodent family, Chico is a capybara and the pet of Jackie Coleman Wren and her family. He is now three years old, weighing in at over 120 pounds and even has his own Facebook page.

He's become quite the celebrity around here.

And his story continues to get more and more complex. According to a recent post earlier this month on Chico's Facebook page, he hasn't been doing too well. Just last week he was in renal failure and the family was looking for a miracle. The family was asking for prayers and it looks like those prayers may have been answered.

Earlier today, Chico posted this...

It looks like Chico is on the path to being healthy again. His recent trip to the vet resulted in normal labs. According to the post, he will continue to be monitored, but so far it looks like everything is looking up for Chico. And just in time too, because Chico is set to be a part of a British documentary series, World of Weird.

However, taking care of a pet like Chico can't be cheap, so I would continue to pray for the family when it comes to finances.