Ugh! The mosquitoes are out in full force. Yes, we normally see mosquitoes around this time of year, but after all the rain we've had recently . . .OMG!

I usually don't have much trouble with mosquitoes, maybe it's blood type? I don't know, but I will say, this year? It's a different story. Those things are eating me alive!

It's always interesting to see what home remedies people say work for them. Here is a great video on not only some mosquito bite remedies but also ways to make some great and easy repellents. I love the baking soda paste remedy for the actual bite. Oh, and the lemon and eucalyptus oil spray to make a natural repellent seems great, too. I really gotta try that one.

One remedy I learned that works for any kind of bug bite and jellyfish sting is meat tenderizer. Just wet the skin and sprinkle the tenderizer on the bite area. I keep some cheap meat tenderizer in my travel bag.