Alright, Are you feeling the pain at the pump these days? I've noticed that the average price of gas is approaching four dollars a gallon and some states it's already over $4 per gallon. The question becomes whether you are going to seriously start changing your current driving habits and vacation plans, in light of higher gas prices.

Poll Position asked 1,142 adults at what price per gallon they will start to change their behavior. With all the talk lately of paying $5 at the pump by this summer surprisingly,  Forty-nine percent said that four dollars is, in fact, the magic number or cut-off number for them. Thirteen percent said they would start to drive less at $4.50, and 21 percent did say five dollars. Ten percent said they will keep up the same amount of driving no matter how high the price of gas gets jacked up.

As mentioned some experts are now predicting gas prices will hit five bucks by summer, it will be interesting to see how people actually react if it does.

Think maybe we need to get back to car pooling or go buy a bicycle if you don't live far from your job?

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