Do you ever drive up to a gas station and forget which side of your vehicle the gas tank is on? Did you know the answer is always right there in front of you? 

Ugh, it used to happen to me all the time. I'd drive up to a gas station (sometimes after waiting in line) pull up to the gas pump, get out of the car and then realize the gas tank was on the other side. Of course, that's when I'd give the "I meant to do that." look and then slink back into my car. Then drive up to a different pump so it was on the correct side.

Get ready, because you will no longer have those embarrassing moments. I was recently driving my husband's vehicle and realized I had to get gas. As I was gassing up I was wondering if other people were as confused as me. At least I was until my husband told me the secret.

The "secret" that nobody tells you is right before you're very eyes. In fact, if it was a snake it would've bit you. Watch the video below and you will never be embarrassed or confused at a gas station again.

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