If you are near the Albertson’s on Highway 67, you may have noticed the unveiling of new Interstate 69 signs at 2 p.m. today.

Texas Department of Transportation officials, as well as local businesses and community leaders, attended the event.

In Texarkana, 3.5 miles along US 59 are designated I-369. "The designation means drivers will now see I-369 highway signs on US 59. Being developed on existing roadways as critical artery for moving freight, I-69 will ultimately become a 1,600-mile-long highway stretching from Michigan to Texas,” state officals at TxDOT.

Jeff Austin, the Texas Transportation Commissioner says the new I-369 interstate designation is “an important step forward as we continue to create ways to safely mobilize a growing population while nurturing this region’s economic prosperity.”

According to the Texas Department of Transportation website, “by the end of 2013, there should be close to 200 miles of I-69 Texas.”

For more information about the project, including a map of its route, visit TxDOT.gov.