Are you ready for a little ghost hunting this weekend in Jefferson, Texas? TV's popular Wraith Chasers Chris and Mike are headed to investigate the historic Jefferson Hotel this Saturday, May 15.

Chances are if you are into paranormal, you've seen these guys on the TV shows "Ghost Asylum," and "Haunted Live," on the Travel Channel. Their last show "Haunted Live" was an interactive type show where fans were able to join them on the internet for real-time investigating. Chris and Mike have investigated some of the most haunted places and locations like asylums, sanitariums, penitentiaries, no place are off-limits to these modern-day ghostbusters.

This weekend, you have an invitation to join them for a complete paranormal investigation of the downtown historic Jefferson Hotel that recently reopened. if you dare to stay, there are a limited number of rooms available however, I don't recommend you stay in the doll room, it is really creepy. If you would like to meet the Wraith Chasers there will be a special VIP Meet and Greet on Friday, May 14, in the Crystal Palace Ballroom. Only a limited number of tickets are available for this VIP event. There will live music, food, and more at this special party leading up to the big investigation on Saturday.

On Saturday night the Wraith Chasers and other investigators will gather in the Jefferson Hotel for a spooky night of investigating. Ghost hunting equipment will be provided however, you're invited to bring your own if you choose. The last time these guys investigated this hotel there was some pretty good activity captured. They will go over some of the evidence prior to the investigation in the ballroom with snacks and drinks provided. Remember, a limited number of tickets are available for this investigation.

I have to say, the last time I was in Jefferson a friend and I visited the hotel for a tour, we both felt some strange vibes when walking down the hallways and looking in at some of the rooms. Every room has its very own theme and when the manager told us a story about a woman spirit that still lingers in one of the rooms it gave us the chills. The hotel also has lots of old vintage historical artifacts, items, and relics all over the hotel. Can't help to think that some of these items have a dark past attached to them.

For ticket information, please visit the Jefferson Hotel website or Facebook page.

Check out this video from a visit to Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, KS.

For room rates and availability go to the Historic Jefferson Hotel website or Facebook page.

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