Have you ever wondered if the knife you're carrying on you right now is actually legal to carry in your state? It's crossed my mind a number of times.

Well, guess who just found a site dedicated to giving you that very information no matter which state you live in or plan to visit?

In case you were wondering, yes that's my EDC (Every Day Carry) knife. It's a "no-one you've ever heard of" brand, holds an edge okay, has a spring-open assist with a pocket clip, seat belt cutter and window breaker. I think I paid $7 for it at a gun show. It's very cheap but very effective and if it gets lost or broken there's nothing to cry about, -- just go get another one.

You guys who carry $200 pocket knives baffle me. I think I'd cry if I lost or broke one of those. But if you can afford it, more power to ya.

By the way, my knife is legal to carry in both Texas and Arkansas. Come to think of it, I don't think there's anything with a blade that's illegal in Arkansas.

Click on the link and see if what you carry is legal.