January 19, means one thing. it's National Popcorn Day!

I don't know about you but could you imagine the world without popcorn. Watching a movie at home or in the theater without a bag of popcorn just wouldn't be the same.

According to a new survey done SWNS Digital they found Americans favorite flavors are butter, salted, and believe it or not, white cheddar. Favorite sprinklings include are salt, garlic salt or powder, parmesan, and taco seasoning. Of course, my two personal favorites are Buttered and Kettle corn. On occasion, I like the Jalapeno flavored if available. And of course, when it comes to favorite brands I prefer Orville Redenbacher. So, Get to popping on National Popcorn Day!

The survey also went on to say the type of popcorn you prefer depends on the movie you're watching. Check out this video and see for yourself.

I decided to take my own survey and asked the rest of the Kicker On-Air staff, what their favorite popcorn flavor was.

  • Jim Weaver - "Buttered, specifically Movie Theater butter, Yum Yum"
  • Lisa Lindsey - "Buttered, can't go without the butter"
  • Jess - "No contest, Kettle Corn, Hands down"
  • Wes - "Kettle Corn, not a big popcorn fan, but I do like Kettle"

To help you celebrate National Popcorn Day, remember the 70s song "Popcorn?" it went pretty high on the POP charts. Get it, POP!

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