With the holiday season upon us you'll be happy to know that singer-songwriter Jimmy Wayne's Christmas song "Paper Angels" has been turned into a television movie and will air this weekend Sunday, November 16 at 6/C on the new UP TV network.The movie based on a song that Wayne wrote to bring awareness to the Salvation Army Angel Tree program which provides toys to children during the Christmas season. Wayne was a recipient of the Angel Tree program when he was just 14 years old and remembered getting his first guitar, thanks to the Salvation Army program. Wayne has a cameo appearance in the movie where he is walking down the street wearing an old blue jean coat that he wore when he lived out on the streets as a homeless person. Foster has had a very interesting life and career, as a child his mother was in jail a lot so he and his sister was in and out of the foster care program for several years before he ran away and became homeless as a teenager.

In addition to the movie Paper Angels, Jimmy Wayne also has an autobiography 'Walk to Beautiful' which goes more in depth about his personal trials and tribulations. The book is getting rave reviews from critics nationwide. Paper Angels is also available in book form as well.

Jimmy Wayne was recently at the Paper Angels movie screening and talked about the movie.

Here's a preview of the movie.

Here's the music video Paper Angels courtesy of Vevo.

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