Brad Paisley has a new book in stores today "Diary of a Player. The book is a tribute to some great guitar players who have influenced him through his life and career.One of the influences growing up was his grandfather, who gave Brad his first guitar at 8 years old. Brad credits his grandfather for encouraging him to follow his dreams. Brad seems to think he doesn't know without the advice and inspiration that his grandfather gave him, that he wonders if he would be singing at the Opry or be a country singer like he is today.

Brad along with some other great guitar players like Vince Gill and Keith Urban will join him on stage during the annual CMA Awards for a special performance saluting Glen Campbell, on November 9th at 7pm on ABC.


Also today Jimmy Wayne's 'Paper Angels' is in stores today. Jimmy shares his personal story of being homeless as a child with others through this novel, which is fiction, but based on true-life characters.

., Jimmy says “There’s a subject about bullying...forgiveness, then there’s mom and dad separating and how she dealt with that. But  the heart of the book is Paper Angels, and what Paper Angels is about is doing what we’re supposed to do in life before we leave this world.” Jimmy continues to stay busy supporting organizations that help disadvantaged youth, he’s also been in the recording studio and plans to release an album next year.