Whether you're looking to buy a home or secure financing to pay off mortgage debt, finding the money to do so can sometimes be difficult. Neither of these are exactly cheap, so what should you do if you need a loan to make them happen as soon as possible?

Your best is bet to contact Keri Price at Guaranty Bank & Trust. She can work with you every step of the way, cater to your specific needs and help answer all of your questions throughout the process.

No matter what your situation is, Keri Price at Guaranty Bank & Trust will find the best solution for you. They offer home purchase loans for a new house, refinance loans to lower rates or terms of your current mortgage, and home equity loans to tap into equity from your home to pay off debt or improve your home.

Worried that you won't be approved? You shouldn't be. With historically low interests rates and Keri Price at Guaranty Bank & Trust's low down payment programs, chances are you will qualify for the home loan that you're looking for.

Keri Price at Guaranty Bank & Trust lives and works right here in our local community and can give you the personal service and mortgage advice that you need, so contact her today at at (903) 255-1328 or visit her website at www.kprice.gnty.com.

Keri Price
Keri Price