These two Indian Ringneck parakeets just can't seem to keep their beaks off each other.

Their names are Fabio and Gabriel, they are brothers of the same parents and according to the article on were born a year apart. Their affection for each other is obvious because as you can see, they just keep the kisses coming and include the smacking sound as when people kiss. Pretty funny! I also heard one of them say at least once, "what are you doing?"

I used to have a wonderful little parakeet named Englebird Humperdink, he was a good talker too, he used to call my middle son's name a lot ,"Jesse." He would say "pretty bird," even had a southern accent when he said that one thanks to my wife. He also said a word he shouldn't have said which was both my wife's and my fault but... oh well. I miss that bird.

Fun video, enjoy!