Beans to Bandaids, a Texarkana non-profit organization has run out of room at their original location and were lucky enough to purchase this new building on Pine St. When complete it will house Grace Free Clinic, a food pantry, and autism support group. There's a lot of work to do beforehand though, starting with lot cleanup.

That's where you and your group can help out. They would like to get the lot cleaned up in the next week if possible. That means a couple of groups dedicating an hour or two each would get the job done pretty quick.

The new building is next to Wadley at 722 Pine St. in Texarkana, Texas.

Scout Troops if you're looking for some summertime service hours, this is perfect for you!

Email Tony Asbille if you can help in any way.

Beans to Bandaids new building2 - Tony Asbille
Beans to Bandaids new building2 - Tony Asbille

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