Are you one of those people that still have the same car you drove in high school? Maybe you're the type person that likes to see just how many miles you can get out of your car. Depending on what model and type of car you buy, with regular maintenance on a routine basis, there is no telling how many miles you can squeeze out of your car.

Irv Gordon recently did just that and has broken a record for driving the same car over three million miles.  He already owned the record for most miles driven by one person in a non-commercial vehicle, setting it in 1998 when he took his Volvo to the 1.69-million mile mark.  Yes, the car is a 1966 Volvo P1800.

Gordon went over the three million-mile plateau while cruising along Alaska’s Seward Highway.

Gordon explains that it's not about getting to the three million mark it's about the special memories and trips he has taken in his Volvo that means the most to the 74-year-old man. His road trips have included traveling through nine countries and stopping at 800 Waffle Houses along the way. Gordon's car has also had it's share of accidents through the years including at least 11 accidents, he recalls.

Gordon says he will continue to drive his Volvo P1800 to auto shows and travel across the country so long as his health permits.

See Gordon driving his car.

What is your personal record for miles put on a car?