These days, there's no denying Maren Morris' star power -- but even back before she was famous, her talent shined through. Whiskey Riff recently unearthed two old performance videos from Morris, from before she was a household name, that show her performing songs she wrote way back when.

Readers can press play above to see a video from 2012, in which Morris -- who's almost unrecognizable with her short, shaggy, over-the-eye haircut -- shared an original song called "Slide" while at NTD TV’s studios in New York City. In the video, Morris commands attention with powerful vocals, accompanying herself on guitar.

In a second, even-older video from 2009, Morris performs while visiting the Texas public radio station KTX 91.7. Although the video is almost 10 years old, Morris' talent is evident as she shows off her vocal range from behind the microphone. In the video, the then 19-year-old again accompanies herself as she performs two songs; press play above to watch.

Morris' star has been on the rise since she released her debut single, "My Church," in late 2015. She dropped her debut album, Hero, in June of 2016 and is now at work on a sophomore project. Her recent collaboration with Zedd and Gray, "The Middle," has become a pop chart hit and earned her fame in that genre as well.

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