Another movie is being set to be filmed in Arkansas thanks to country music video director and grammy nominated Chris Hicky. Chris has directed several award winning country videos for stars like Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, Chris Young and more. Now Hickey will be directing his first full length feature film, titled The Grace of Jake, beginning this September.  In addition the movie was written by Hicky and stars actors Jake La Botz (Animal Factory, On The Road), Roy Lee Jones (True Grit, Daredevil) and Chris Bauer (True Blood, The Wire).

The Grace of Jake is a story about redemption in which an ex-inmate and musician Jake Hayes heads out on the road from California to Palestine, Ark. in search of a father he never knew. The sole purpose of his trip is about setting out for revenge on his father for whom he blames all his life's misfortunes on.  After reaching Palestine and getting to know some of the locals there, Jake begins to find out more about a complicated family history that leads him to find life, love, and a gospel recording contract.

The feature film is to be shot on location in Forrest City, Ark., pending a crowd-funding campaign to raise $125,000 via Kickstarter. As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised nearly $48,000. There are several different ways you can contribute to help raising money for this campaign including a day with Hicky to film a music video or special event at any US location for those pledging $10,000 or more. As of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has raised nearly $48,000.

See the video on how you can help this movie come to life.