Maud ISD utilizes a crosswalk on SH 8 for students walking from nearby neighborhoods to come to school each day.

According to a press release, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has installed a rapid rectangular flashing beacon to assist with the safety of these students crossing.  It is important for students and local residents to understand how these beacons work and what they mean.

“When the push button is pressed, the beacons begin to flash to warn traffic of the possibility of a pedestrian crossing the roadway.  However, pedestrians should only cross the road when traffic has cleared or stopped,” said Rebecca Wells, Director of Traffic Operations for TxDOT in Atlanta. “If traffic is heavy, and the flashing beacons stop, pedestrians can simply press the button again to reactivate the flashing beacons until the crossing maneuver can be completed safely.”

Pedestrians should only cross at the designated crosswalk provided near the school along this stretch of SH 8. If a crossing guard is present, the crossing guard can stop traffic and assist students in crossing. Pedestrians should always use extreme caution when crossing any roadway.

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