Congratulations to the new Police Chief of Texarkana, Texas, Kevin Schutte! Chief Shutte was sworn in last night at the regularly scheduled Monday City Council meeting.

According to the Press Release on the Texarkana, Texas Police Department's Facebook page today:

Schutte was unanimously established as Police Chief during Monday's regularly scheduled City Council meeting. Both Councilman Josh Davis and City Manager Shirley Jaster spoke highly of Chief Schutte and his accomplishments during the meeting.

Apparently, Chief Shutte has some fans in the meeting room last night as well.

The full room of people stood and cheered as Schutte was confirmed yesterday. In the crowd, were Schutte's family, friends, and many coworkers who proudly applauded his new position.

Again, congratulations Chief Shutte, we wish you well in your new position. Follow the City of Texarkana, Texas on their Facebook page.


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