Don't be caught off guard with these new Arkansas laws.

I'm pretty sure the ink on these new laws hasn't even dried yet however, that doesn't mean you're not still responsible to abide by them. According to KATV, these are laws that were passed during Arkansas' General Assembly. They officially went into effect on Monday, July 31.

Better study up!

Texting and Driving - Texting while driving is against the law in Arkansas. For a first-time offense, the driver will be fined $250. This also applies to the use of social media while driving.

Open Container - Is it illegal to have an open container of alcohol in a car. This also applies to passengers riding in the car.

Concealed Carry - Employees who have concealed carry licenses are allowed to keep their guns in their cars while they are at work.

Sex Offenders - Those who are "convicted of rape by forcible compulsion" are required to stay on the registered sex offender list for life.

Wine Shipment - Small farm wineries are allowed to ship wine to Arkansas homes directly.

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