The new year has finally arrived and if you're living in Arkansas be prepared for some new laws to go into effect, according to the Arkansas State legislature website.

Some 40 new laws and amendments will take effect this year in the natural state, among some of the biggest laws is the military retirement income tax. Stats show that there are 22,000 veterans calling Arkansas their home. The new law will allow veterans or their living spouses to pay no state income tax on their military retirement pay.  The hopes of course is to keep veterans living here with hopes that others may want to move here because of the new law.

Another law will require school buses that are bought new or leased to start having seat belts. However, registered voters in a school district will have to sign a petition aiming at how to fund the upgrade through voting. And the law is set to help enforce the usage of seat belts in other school buses that may already have them.

And another big law will effect doctors with possible fines and prison, if they perform an abortion based on whether the mother wants a boy or a girl. Th new law will require doctors to obtain a full medical record and must ask the mother if they know the sex of their child before the procedure can be done.

More new Arkansas laws.

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