The only player in this years NFL draft that I'll really be watching for is LaMichael James, the former Liberty Eylau standout who went on to have a great three years in Oregon.

Most draft projections have him being picked late in the second round or early in the third. Looks like Denver and New England are the teams most interested in him from what I've read. The biggest question mark with him is his size. With his relatively small frame (for an NFL running back), he'll most likely be a third down back.

He's going to be a valuable asset for whatever team picks him up. It's so exciting to follow the careers of kids you've watched play since they were freshmen. It's also cool to think.. I was the first announcer to say the words "TOUCHDOWN LAMICHAEL JAMES!"..

I found a great video Yahoo! sports put together of him.

So, where do you think LaMichael will end up? Post your comment below!