Texarkana native and Oregon Duck star tailback LaMichael James went to Disneyland this past week... and it doesn't look like he enjoyed it!

TMZ has this photo of LaMichael riding Space Mountain.


Apparently, Space Mountain wasn't the only roller coaster LaMichael didn't feel comfortable on... browsing his FaceBook page this morning, someone else had posted another one.



I sent him a FaceBook message asking for an official comment for his folks back home and, so far, I haven't heard back from him. He's usually kind of slow to reply so maybe I'll hear from him this afternoon.

Don't feel bad LaMichael. Anytime I get off a roller coaster at a theme park, I make it a point to walk right past the photobooth as quickly as possible when exiting the ride.  I'm pretty sure I've been close to crying a time or two on these type of rides as well.

I doubt we'll see fear in LaMichaels faces when he lines up for the last time in an Oregon uniform against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl on January 2nd. Might see some fear from the Badgers linebackers though. :)


Good luck in the Rose Bowl and in the NFL LaMichael! We're all proud of you. Might wanna stay away from the roller coasters though. At least until after your team wins the Super Bowl, you're the MVP and you do the whole "I'm going to Disneyland!" thing.