If you fish in Texas then you better get ready for the annual white bass run because it has officially begun.

Anglers look forward to this event every spring. The white bass run upstream every year from reservoirs into rivers and creeks to spawn. To say this is a perfect time for fishing would be an understatement.

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White bass can be easily caught from the banks of rivers and creeks, from fishing boats and paddle craft all throughout the state.

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According to a press release from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department,

White bass, also known as sand bass, are a popular freshwater species preferred by Texas anglers both for sport fishing and for the dinner table. While most riverside property is privately owned, public access to high-quality white bass runs can be found at many Texas State Parks, Texas Paddling Trails, leased River Access and Conservation Area (RACA) sites and highway and bridge crossings.


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TPWD is also reporting that due to rain over the past several weeks in East Texas the river water levels are up in the normal ranges for these areas.

 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) biologists predict a good year for white bass fishing and in deep East Texas, the Sabine River above Toledo Bend reservoir is the top fishery. Reports indicate that fish have already moved up-river in large numbers. The Neches River above Lake Palestine is also a prime spot for white bass in East Texas.


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In Central Texas, the Hill Country and South Texas areas the water levels are low for this time of year which could affect the timing and the size of the white bass. Experts are saying the one exception to this is the San Gabriel River above Granger Lake in Central Texas where there could be a nice run of white bass.

You can check more information on While Bass and a list of the rivers and lakes and their public access areas here.


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