A Pennsylvania high school teacher has been suspended after writing in her blog that her students were ""disengaged, lazy whiners", among other things. I think this lady is spot on in her assessment of teenagers in this country. Obviously,  not all teens are as this teacher describes, but the number of lazy, disrespectful, "world owes me something" teens seems awfully high these days.

Personally, I blame the parents. As this teacher pointed out:

"Parents are more trying to be their kids' friends and less trying to be their parent,"

Amen sister. I tell my kids often that I'm not their friend, I'm their dad. Whether they like the decisions I make or  get mad at me for making them is irrelevant to me.  Now don't get me wrong, I don't like being the bad guy. It would be so nice just to be the cool parent from time to time. But, I have to worry about the big picture. If I don't worry about my kids learning their lessons and "taking their lumps", who will? It is MY job as their dad to help them learn that the world does NOT owe them anything, that they need to be respectful to people, that they have to work hard to move ahead in this life.

It's a shame that this teach is in trouble for making these comments (on her own personal blog no less).  Just because she's a teacher shouldn't mean she doesn't have a right to speak her mind about things. Even if I disagreed with her, I still think she has the right to blog openly about her thoughts. What bothers people the most in this case, is what she's saying is hitting way to close to home. She's hit a nerve. I hope she is allowed to continue teaching, or if not she wins a big lawsuit. Either way, she's a hero in my book.