Ugh! Do you want to feel like a failure? A new survey shows that 27 percent of people have started their Christmas shopping already. What?

The Daily Mail says survey conducted by a toy company called Hexbug, asked 1,000 people and also found that 20% will start shopping next month. But, next month is only September. I just can't start my shopping until mid October. Why, you ask?  Here's the deal. I have tried to do my Christmas shopping earlier. Believe me I have tried, but usually one of three things will happen to me.

1. I'll forget what I bought for people.

2. Even worse, I'll forget where in the house I put or hid the gift.

3. After I have bought gifts early, I will then find the "perfect gift" for those people I bought early for.

The good news is that I'm not alone in waiting to shop, not by a long shot. The survey showed that 51% of us will be running around and stressing out as we do the majority of our Christmas shopping in December.