Take my Poll and tell me what you think. Should the government be able to monitor how much soda we buy at a restaurant? In case you haven't heard, the Mayor of New York proposed a ban, that was supposed to take effect today, banning restaurants and mobile food trucks from selling any sugary beverage bigger than 16 ounces. Thankfully a New York Supreme Court Judge said GIVE ME A LITER OF COLA!  OK, he didn't really say that exactly. Here is what he really said about the matter:

New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling said the ban was a patchwork of "uneven enforcement" that would affect venues differently "within a particular city block, much less the city as a whole." He also said the regulations — issued by Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office and approved by the Board of Health last year — contained too many loopholes to be effective. "


What would stop a person from just buying more than one? Tell me what you think. Take my poll below and LEAVE ME COMMENTS, I love them!

Happy Tuesday!