Texarkana Water Utilities along with the Cities of Texarkana, Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas, is preparing Christmas food boxes to help those in need.

According to a press release, those boxes are being packed this week at the Southwest Center and will be delivered on December 16th, 2020 to 100 needy families.

Due to COVID-19, the food box program was altered this year. For the past 21 years, former Mayor James Bramlett hosted a fundraiser, Bramlett Beans and Cornbread, to raise money and collect food for the effort. This year, there were no fundraisers, and donations have been lower than usual.

Organizer Pam White has been vigilant to keep the effort alive.

“Family names are sourced through city employees, as well as community centers, local schools, and churches,” White said. “Due to COVID, there were no fundraisers this year, but also due to COVID, the need is greater than ever. Together, we can make this happen.”

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