Okay, there's a new study out that we just can't be sure of...  at least, based on our research so far.  There is a new survey done to find the most liked beer in the U.S., and Budweiser came in at number two behind Sam Adams.  Could this be true? Do you agree?

According to the L.A Times, a research company by the name of YouGov did the survey.  To be fair, the survey asked people to "name beers that they had heard positive or negative comments about in the last 2 weeks".  From all of the good comments, it was Sam Adams that came in as the favorite, with Budweiser second, and Bud Light in third.

Here is the Top 10...

  1. Sam Adams
  2. Budweiser
  3. Bud Light
  4. Heineken
  5. Corona
  6. Guiness
  7. Dos Equis
  8. Miller Light
  9. Coors Light
  10. Miller

(Not trying to sway your opinion, but did you know that of all of the beers in the top 10, Sam Adams is the only brand that is American owned?)