When school is out for summer some kids can get a little bored and get info a lot of mischiefs and that's when juvenile crime goes up. Police departments on both sides of the state line in Texarkana and in Wake Village want to remind kids and their parents for that matter, of these cities' year-round curfews.   

Just because it's summer that does not mean teens can be out at all hours of the night. Talk with your kids and make sure they know about these curfews.

Curfew Times in Texarkana Texas & Arkansas

In Texarkana Arkansas and Texas, the curfew is anyone under the age of 18 that is not accompanied with an adult 21 years of age or older is:

Monday through Friday 11PM to 6AM and Saturdays and Sundays from 12 AM to 6AM In Texarkana Arkansas you could get a fine for $145 or three days of community service. In Texarkana Texas, the fine could be up to $500!

Joseph C. Justice Jr.
Joseph C. Justice Jr.

Curfew in Wake Village

In Wake Village, the curfew is for kids 17 and under from 10PM to 6AM.. The police even sent out a reminder on Facebook that if your child is out after curfew the parent will be called to pick them up at the police station. There could be a fine issued up to $500. The juvenile could also be required to perform community service.


Is There a Curfew During The Day?

This curfew is year-round we all just tend to forget about it when school is in session. and when school is in session, there is also a curfew each day during the week from 9AM-2:30PM  Because they should be in school!

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