Native Arkansan Barrett Baber is set to open up for country star David Nail at the 38th Annual Hope Watermelon Festival this Saturday, August 9, 7:30 p.m. Baber who's hometown is Marion, Arkansas was named a finalist in the "Song of Arkansas" contest hosted by the Department of Tourism. Baber and co-writer Kenny Lamb came up with the song "A.R.K.A.N.S.A.S. (Get There From Here)" and submitted it for the contest. Celebrity judges chose from more than 230 entries to narrow the field to seven musicians, which were then voted on by the public and through fan support and votes Baber won the contest. The Department of Tourism liked the song so much that they purchased the licensing rights to the song and have begun using it in their advertising and promotion campaign.

Portions of the Baber/Lamb video was shot in Little Rock, Jonesboro, and several locations in Northwest Arkansas.

Here's the video from YouTube.

I think Barret is not only a great songwriter, but he's also a pretty awesome singer as well. He's got that raspy soulful sounding voice that resonates whenever he sings. In 2013 Barrett's song "Drop Dead Redhead" was nominated by a fan for the national "Grammy Gig of A Lifetime" contest hosted by CBS. Baber was named a finalist in December 2013 which made him a top 40 contender out of over 2000 entries. Baber received over 1.6 million votes and won the contest in a landslide victory.

Here's more Barrett.

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(Source:Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism)