Thanks to the Griswold family from the movie 'Christmas Vacation'  every year we go searching for the home with the most lights. There is a family in Arkansas who may give the Griswolds a run for their money.  They are the Stewart Family of Fayetteville, Arkansas and they were recently featured on the ABC-TV show "The Great Christmas Light Fight."

The Stewart family boasts over 750,000 lights, 300 inflatables of every size and various displays covering over an acre and a half on their property. According to the show, it takes around 30 - 45 minutes to see everything. One of the displays features a train with 8-ft. long carts that runs along a 132-ft. track that holds up to 24 people.

And if that's not enough you have got see the wall of tree lights that feature 120,000 lights wrapped around trees. Families will enjoy camel rides, snacks and treats and drop off letters to Santa Claus.

The Stewart Family Light Display is now open from 5:30 to 9:30PM and is located at 4423 Wyman Road in Fayetteville, Arkansas. There is no cost to see the display but there is a $3 Parking fee.

Here's a promotional video from 2016.


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