Laughter fills the air and mingles with the mouth-watering scents from old-fashioned, homestyle cooking at Sue’s Diner.

From the moment I open the door to this charming little diner on North Kings Highway, it isn’t the country charm that catches my attention but the cheerful voices that reverberate across the tile floor.

Sue’s is one of those places where the neighborhood gathers to chew the fat, laugh, and tease one another. And the locals don’t discriminate based on age or gender; they welcome everyone to join the conversation.

Young and old alike enjoy one another’s company while sipping coffee and munching on chewy cinnamon rolls or slices of one of Stephanie Lewis’ homemade pies.

The diner has been a Nash favorite for nineteen years, ever since Sue Durham opened the restaurant’s doors. Since that time, the business has changed hands a time or two, and now David and Keisha Mores own the friendly establishment.

“We’re known for our plate meals,” Keisha tells me at the counter. “Our breakfast plate is really popular.” Served daily, the breakfast plate includes two eggs, a choice of meat, hash browns, biscuits and gravy for only $4.50. “We’re slammed every Saturday morning,” Keisha says.

Lunchtime is always busy too as locals enjoy the special of the day, which changes often. The day I visited I could choose between Salisbury steak and chicken fried chicken, two sides like mashed potatoes and purple hull peas, a yeast roll or cornmeal muffin, and a beverage for only $6.98.

“Our meatloaf is probably everyone’s favorite,” Keisha says. “We serve that on Wednesdays.”

The homemade pies are out of this world too. As soon as I bit into the buttermilk pie, I knew that Stephanie was a master in the kitchen. The pie was so sweet and delicious it practically melted in my mouth and I was soon sorry there wasn’t more of it to devour!

Yet as good as the food is, the company is better. Keisha and David are quick to pull up a chair with their patrons, laughing and swapping stories about the day’s news, community events, or what absurd thing they may have seen on Facebook.

They love laughing, and welcome everyone to come in and make themselves at home. For at Sue’s Diner, once you visit, you’ll likely stay a while, leaving full and with a whole cast of new friends.

Stop by and see Keisha, David and the whole crew at 1200 N Kings Highway, Nash, TX 75569. To place an order, call (903) 832-5609.

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