In the sleepy bedroom community of Wake Village, a little diner with a huge menu dishes up some of the tastiest meals in town.

Max Sa moved to the Texarkana area a year and a half ago from Austin with his wife and three children in tow. Upon his arrival, he opened Max Donuts which sells everything from doughnut holes and apple fritters to jalapeno kolaches, breakfast croissants and tacos stuffed with ham, sausage, bacon and other yummy goodies.

But even though the restaurant is new, Max has been cooking for a while. “My mom and dad cooked, and I know how to make a little bit of everything,” he says with a shy smile and glittering eyes. “I cook what makes my customers happy.”

Max operated his Austin restaurant for five and a half years before relocating to Wake Village.

Since his arrival, Max eagerly supported his new community. He became a member of the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce in December 2011 and proudly showcases a photo of the restaurant’s ribbon cutting ceremony on the diner wall.

He also participates in annual events like the National Night Out which took place this past Tuesday evening at Kings Park in Wake Village. “I made cookies this year and gave them out,” he says. “People loved them.”

I’ve only tasted his jalapeno kolache and apple fritter, and those were amazing. Or as Ellis Thompson says via Facebook, his doughnuts are the “best I ever tasted!”

During my visit to Max Donuts, one patron told me he visits frequently because everything is good, and not just the doughnuts. Many in the community agree.

Linda Mitchell Hackleman says she has a hard time deciding what to order when she visits because Max makes “wonderful fried rice and burgers.”

“Max’s is the best place for doughnuts and lunch,” says Todd Lumpkin. He’s obviously one of Max’s biggest fans too, because Todd loves everything including the “combination fried rice, hand battered fried shrimp, huge hot wings seasoned to perfection and Max’s fried catfish” and cheeseburgers.

“People love my chicken fried rice,” Max says, his expression humble and grateful. “Lots of people say it is the best in town.”

Max’s Donuts is open seven days a week from 5 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., but Max is always at work much earlier than that, arriving most days just after 3 a.m. “Some say I should stay open longer and I would get more business,” he says, “but I need to spend time with my family too.”

Still, in the early hours that Max is open for business, he does as much as he can to please his fans. “If you give him a day’s notice,” says customer Bill Parker, “he can help you out with large orders of doughnuts for your next meeting. I had him fix me doughnuts for a multiday meeting a few months ago and he helped out a great deal.”

Even if you don’t have time to sit down and enjoy a meal, Max takes good care of his clients and even offers a drive-thru window where he sells a great deal of his food.

On Fridays, Max has also started preparing barbecued ribs and brisket which he smokes with pecan and mesquite wood. “I make my own rubs too. It is all good!” It is all inexpensive too, for a barbecue lunch costs only $8.

So whether you live in Wake Village or not, do yourself a favor and travel down to the circle on Redwater Road. Max will feed you well, and I’m willing to bet that you’ll become one of his newest fans.

For more information about Max Donuts, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page, call (903) 831-3054 or simply drop in at 601 Redwater Road in Wake Village.

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