Labor Day

Plan a Sober Ride This Labor Day Weekend
As many Texans make travel plans to celebrate the remaining days of summer, the Texas Department of Transportation’s “Plan While You Can” campaign reminds everyone to make a plan for a sober ride before the festivities begin.
Best Labor Day Deals and Fun Facts for a Perfect Holiday
With Labor Day holiday fast approaching this weekend, the personal finance website WalletHub released two reports to celebrate the weekend. The Best Labor Day Deals and Labor Day Fun Facts. These reports will not only give you a roadmap to huge savings but also will entertain and educate the consume…
Tasty Way to Grill Your Hot Dog This Labor Day [VIDEO]
The Labor Day Holiday is one of my favorite times for cooking out. You may have your favorite meats you like to cook like BBQ ribs, steak, chicken, hamburgers or the classic good old American hot dog. Well, if you want to add a little taste or zest to your dog, I found a website that can help you ma…