The Labor Day Holiday is one of my favorite times for cooking out. You may have your favorite meats you like to cook like BBQ ribs, steak, chicken, hamburgers or the classic good old American hot dog. Well, if you want to add a little taste or zest to your dog, I found a website that can help you make the perfect hot dog.

According to the fellas from Spiral it before grilling it. Simply cut a spiral pattern into your dog before you stick it on the grill, they say it improves the taste like you wouldn't believe.  Also the kids will love your new creation.

Here's how you do it:

Start by sticking a skewer right down the middle. Then set your knife at an angle and spiral cut the dog down to the skewer from end to end. Now pull the skewer out and lay that dog on the grill.

If you still don't understand check out this video on how to make your spiral hot dog.


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