Venture Crew 3

'Epic Western Expedition' - Yes It Was: Day 6
Day 6 for Crew 3 and the most "Epic Western Adventure" included, you guessed it, a lot more driving, as we bid ado to Flagstaff, Arizona and headed NorthEast toward Colorado, with three destinations today, Four Corners, Mesa Verde and Durango.
'Epic Western Expedition' - Yes It Was: Day 5
There's a lot of mountainous desert between Flagstaff, Arizona and the Hoover Dam, three and a half drive-time hours to be precise, but today is Dam day. So, we loaded up the vehicles with gas, food, adult leaders and scouts and set out for another long one, this is Day 5.
'Epic Western Expedition' - Yes It Was: Day 3
Once again Venture Crew 3 was up before the sun came over the mountains on the Rio Grande River near Taos, New Mexico, we're in for another long day of travel and sight-seeing before we reach today's destination in Flagstaff, Arizona.
About an hour down the road from where camped is Sante Fe, we stop…
'Epic Western Expedition' - Yes It Was: Day 2
Venture Crew 3 got up early Sunday morning to hit the road for a pretty long drive into New Mexico, uncharted territory for me for the most part. I did take a train ride to Colorado when I was a little kid but I barely remember any of it, so, therefore, it doesn't count. Today, we're going…
Venture Crew 3's 'Epic Western Expedition' - Ready to Launch
Back in the planning stages a couple of months ago when we were trying to decide the name of this adventure, I pretty much insisted the word "Epic" had to be in the name, of course, it's not up to me, the naming of this trip would be decided by the BSA Venture Crew 3 members. They did the …