This 19 year-old will stop at nothing to get an education.

When is the last time you saw someone who didn't have much, but was so incredibly driven to achieve their dreams? It's a beautiful and inspiring thing that I wish we saw on our media outlets more often. For those of us who have been given so much, it reminds us of how lucky we are to have things in our lives, like education.

That's why I love this story.

According to WSB-TV in Barnesville, Georgia, 19-year-old Fred Barley borrowed his brother's bike and rode 50 miles to register for college. After a six-hour ride in the southern heat he arrived with nothing and was living out of a tent on campus.

Finally, someone noticed him and called the authorities.

Rather than kicking him off campus, officers listened to what he was trying to do and footed the bill for him to live in a hotel. His story spread quickly and people came out to help him in more ways than one. After telling people he just wanted a job to get through college, a local pizzeria hired him right on the spot. A GoFundMe page was set up for him and the donations came rolling in to the tune of $184,000. Fred said he only wants to use the money on the things he needs.

He is now attending classes and working. He even said he wants to go to medical school (talk about paying it forward).