OK, this is a little embarrassing, but I've started playing this stupid little game called Pokemon Go on my Android phone. Maybe you've heard of it?

I say that as my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek because I know nearly all of you have at least heard of it by now. As I write this, Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 5 million times since its release, and that's just on Google Play. And it's only been out about a week. That's crazy huh? I don't know the figures for iPhones and Amazon downloads but you can bet it's a lot.

To say it's a popular game would be a huge understatement. Right now it's more popular than Tinder, Snapchat and even Instagram. It should even surpass Twitter within days if not hours.

What is it? I wish I knew! My son and wife talked me into downloading the silly thing so here I am walking around trying to catch Pokemon characters that appear all around me. The neat thing it uses your camera and Google Maps to direct you to real places to catch these goofy little critters so that later on you can use them to defend a gym or something.

Real popular areas in Texarkana for finding Pokemon include the Christus St. Michael walking trails across from the hospital. While last weekend they were concerned about who these odd people were walking around in small bands looking at their phones, once they figured out what was going on they're fine with it now. Remember though private property is just that private. If a property owner or someone representing that property asks you to leave, you have to leave otherwise it's trespassing. You don't want to get in that kind of trouble over a stupid game do you?

First Baptist Church on Moores Lane has some really good stuff including two Gyms and two or three PokeStops. Be sure you Level Up before you Power Up your Pokemon. No, I don't know why.

I haven't been there yet but I've heard there's Pokemon to be had in Spring Lake Park and Bobby Ferguson Park. Could be a rumor though.

Pokemon thingy.
Jim Weaver, Townsquare Media

We went to Applebee's in Texarkana today for lunch and they were just loaded with Pokemon. Why so many? Again, I have no idea. But I grabbed all I could. You know, as long as I was sitting there and all.

If you have Google security concerns you can go to security.google.com and click on "Connected Apps and Sites," then click on Manage Apps to see and make changes to apps and what they have access to on your phone.

Be sure you use the battery saver in the game settings because this game will chew up a battery in no time.

An article in Forbes already estimates this app is bringing in around $1.6 million per day to the game producers, not from large purchases, strictly small stuff.

Since I was never involved in the original card game I'm not sure where this game is going or when it ends, but suffice to say the kids will let us know when we're doing it wrong. In the meantime, I appear to be getting up off my keester and walking more than I usually do, so that's a plus, right?

Now we're looking for your feedback, let us know where you're finding Pokemon, eggs, balls, gyms, and maybe some other stuff I haven't discovered yet.

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